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About Me

Hi! My name is Andrea Gomez, I am originally from Monterrey, Mexico but relocated to Austin as a newlywed in 2021 and fell in love with this city! I am fully bilingual speaking both english and spanish fluently.

I love all things home and aesthetic, and I also love finance and sales, so this career is truly what I was meant to do all my life! I've always been a hustler so you can count on me to get you the very best deals. I started my own company at age 21 and haven't stopped hustling ever since. 

I have a finance background, have been an entrepreneur in the tech business, the fashion business and now the real estate business. All quite different but oddly enough go hand in hand in a lot of ways. I have acquired a ton of skills throughout the years and I've been able to apply all of them in this field, that's why I truly feel fulfilled as a real estate agent and am so confident my clients get the very best of the best with me as their agent.

I am very passionate about spaces, interiors, and lifestyle in general. I believe a home is such an impactful part of our everyday life and I love helping people find the perfect place to live!

As your agent, I can do everything and anything for you! My passion and love for lifestyle & aesthetic will give you the very best eye and advice to select a home to live in whether it's a lease or purchase; my finance background makes me excel as an agent for investment properties, and my great negotiation skills make me your very best asset if you want to list your home.

Anything you need - I am here for you!


Spanish, English